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Our mission is to provide dental professionals and their corresponding staff with advanced dental training and practice enhancement.
With our experienced faculty, our goal is to provide you with the necessary information, clinical skills and hands on training to
professionally prosper.

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Module 1

Intermediate Grafting and Implant Placement Protocols
Not every patient presents to your practice with an edentulous area that is ready for dental implant placement. This course allows the practitioner to understand, plan and implement the steps necessary to augment the implant site.
7 CE


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Module 3

Simplifying Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction with Guided Surgery
Today, more and more patients are presenting to the dental practice with completely failing dentitions requiring full mouth dental implant reconstruction.  Learn the techniques that will help these patients with terminal dentitions and watch your practice prosper.
14 CE        



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Module 2

3D Guided Implant Planning, Placement and Restoration Using CBCT
Many times, we see dental implants that are placed in less than ideal positions. Not only does this create restorative challenges, but it can also create problems of non-axial loading leading to screw loosening or fracture. With CBCT being much more available and affordable, implant placement can now be performed with 3D computer guided navigation.
7 CE

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Module 4 

Total Dental Implant Reconstruction with Observation of    LIVE Surgery  

Dental implants have been successfully used to restore edentulous maxillary and mandibular arches with implant supported fixed bridges, hybrid prosthetic dentures and removable overdenture prosthetics.  However, many completely edentulous patients desire a fixed restoration rather than a removable prosthesis.  “A fixed restoration provides the psychological advantage of acting and feeling similar to natural teeth, whereas an overdenture, even if fully implant supported, remains a removable prosthesis”.                          14 CE


Module 5 

Mentorship and Case Work Up  

Dental Providers seeking to build their implant knowledge want to do so with the proper progression of education, knowledge and mentorship. In this level of training, working up CBCT information from submitted cases with virtual software is exercised with a mentor. Additionally, individualized instruction on how to diagnose, treatment plan and prosthetically restore these cases are examined in the proper requirements for ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) fellowship.           14 CE

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Level 4B

LIVE Full Arch Surgical Dental Implant Placement Utilizing Guided Surgery

This course allows the doctor to perform a live full arch surgical dental implant procedure on a preselected patient provided by Ascend Dental Academy under supervision of a mentor. This live patient training demonstrates how to treat both soft and hard tissue components, along with the proper drilling protocol and placement leading to a predictable and safe surgical procedure with the most ideal aesthetic restorative outcome.                             14 CE


Level 2B

LIVE Surgical Dental Implant Placement Utilizing Guided Surgery

This course allows the doctor to perform a live surgical dental implant procedure on two preselected patients provided by Ascend Dental Academy under supervision of a mentor. This course focuses primarily on placing dental implants in the posterior regions, and help further your knowledge on soft tissue management during the procedure.                                             10 CE

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Introduction to Dual Stabilization Implants

Simplified Implant Placement and

Meeting the demands of today’s society requires dentists who are able to provide implant therapy that is fast, efficient and effective. This course is geared towards dental providers who want to learn how to implement the Dual Stabilization dental implant within their practice.
7 CE