Dental Town: All in a Day's Work

Fixed provisionals on immediately placed implants... in a single session.

By: Ara Nazarian DDS, DICOI


When a patient comes to your dental practice with nonrestorable teeth requiring full-mouth extractions, the biggest concern is whether implants can be placed at the same surgical visit and, if so, will they be able to walk out with fixed teeth? 

Having an implant within your practice that allows you to load or progressively load so that a patient's demands are met, allows you to bring your practice to a whole new level. Of course, certain parameters must be met to facilitate this type of treatment. This includes, but is not limited to, the quality and quantity of bone, the presence of infection, the patient's health and the skills of the dental provider. Additionally, being able to objectively test the implants' stability at the time of placement is essential for this treatment.

A patient presented to my practice for a consultation wanting to restore her lower dentition. She complained of generalized discomfort in these teeth due to the apparent gross caries and periodontal disease (Fig. 1). The upper arch was already edentulous and restored with a denture.

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