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Founded in 2017, Ascend Dental Academy has helped hundreds of dentists and other dental professionals learn new dental techniques and add state-of-the-art treatment methods to their practice. Globally recognized implant pioneer and ADA’s Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Ara Nazarian oversees the design and execution of the courses, teaching many himself. He’s joined by small faculty of leading dentists from around the world, each bringing years of experience and diverse expertise. Courses range from the latest in implant dentistry to using BOTOX in your dental practice and mix intimate lectures, hands-on practice, community-based learning and priceless mentoring opportunities. 

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Blog: Doctor, There’s A Human At The End Of Those Teeth

I recently gave a lecture called “Analogue Meets Digital,” in which I act out a comprehensive new patient exam. We take the patient through a complete digital journey, showing the audience how to use many tools and techniques, including Weave, Prexion-CBCT, Cari Vu, Digital x-rays, a full-mouth scan and more. The lecture is always a big hit. … Read More


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Ascend Dental Academy Has Partnered with ICOI


Ascend Dental Academy is proud to be the Official Education Partner of OCO Biomedical.