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If you are looking for ideal dental implant training that provides you practical yet effective treatment methods & techniques that empower your practice to be on the leading edge, then you have come to the right place. Our curriculum has been established by an internationally recognized leader in the field of implant dentistry, Dr. Ara Nazarian,  who has lectured & educated dentists in the United States, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. In addition, the courses at Ascend Dental Academy are taught by experienced practicing dentists whose years of experience ensure the most up to date treatment, technology, & materials that you will utilize on a daily basis within your own practice.  Whether you are new to implant dentistry or you are seeking to implement new treatment modalities from immediate load to guided full-mouth reconstruction, then Ascend Dental Academy is for you.


Blog: It's all in the Eyes

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Using real-life examples during the consultation

One of my favorite parts of my practice is the moment when we take the final photo of a patient who’s undergone full-mouth implant surgery and compare it with the photo we took when he or she first came in.        Continue reading.

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