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Level 4B: Live Full Arch Surgical Dental Implant Placement Utilizing Guided Surgery

ABOUT THE COURSE                                                                                                                                            This course allows the doctor to perform a live full arch surgical dental implant procedure on a preselected patient provided by Ascend Dental Academy under supervision of a mentor. The patient will already have a CBCT scan, so that you may review the virtual treatment plan using 3DDX and then prepare and place using a surgical guide. Depending on the patient selected, the course focuses on a full arch reconstruction including extractions, leveling, grafting, dental implant placement and provisional restoration. This course will also emphasize and further your knowledge on soft tissue management during the procedure. Prosthetic options and various materials will also be reviewed. This live patient training demonstrates how to treat both soft and hard tissue components, along with the proper drilling protocol and placement leading to a predictable and safe surgical procedure with the most ideal aesthetic restorative outcome. Two dental providers will be splitting the case under the supervision of our mentor. 14 CE

  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of Ascend Dental Academy's Modules 1 -4
  • Where: 1041 East Woodfield Rd. 60173 Schaumburg, IL


Cost: $9,995


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