Module - 2
3D Guided Implant Planning, Placement and Restoration Using CBCT

Many times, we see dental implants that are placed in less than ideal positions. Not only does this create restorative challenges, but it can also create problems of non-axial loading leading to screw loosening or fracture. With CBCT being much more available and affordable, implant placement can now be performed with 3D computer guided navigation. This course is meant to teach the most accurate technique currently available for the proper placement of dental implants using surgical guides.  Participants will learn CBCT based planning for a variety of different restorative options from overdentures to fixed bridges. The necessary workflow to perform implant surgery in a safe and predictable way for ideal implant placement will be examined.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning             Effective Drilling Procedure
CBCT Interpretation                                           Dual Scan Protocol
Custom Conversion Process                           Various Restorative Options
Virtual Treatment Planning                             Optical Scanners
Available Surgical Guides                                 Hi-Tech Case Presentation
Best Selection for Treatment

7 CE - Includes continental breakfast, catered lunch, & all necessary supplies

Sponsored by OCO Biomedical.

2019 Mini-Residency - Module 2
Course Schedule:

  • September 14, 2019: Nashville, TN

  • January 18, 2020: Fort Lauderdale, FL