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Predicatable immediate guided implant placement and restoration within your practice

Dr. Ara Nazarian discusses materials and methods that can help fulfill patients’ surgical and restorative needs.


Implants and the spirit of inventiveness

Implant Practice US:  Whether you already place implants (you should be), are planning to, or simply restore them, you’ll find invaluable information on the latest technologies and techniques.

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Using CBCT Guided Surgery for Dental Implant Placement 

The Profitable Dentist: It's essential to have the appropriate skills, technology, and dental materials to accurately deliver implant treatment in a systematic, effective approach.


How to simplify overdenture treatment for today's patients 

Dental Products Report: When it comes to dentures, function is just as important as form - so how do you make both happen?

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All In a Day's Work 

Dental Town: Fixed Provisionals on Immediately Placed Implants... In a Single Session


Denture Standards

The Profitable Dentist: Higher Standards for Denture Treatment


Leveling Bone

Dental Town: Guided Bone Leveling For Optimal Implant Results