Jacob Rogers, DDS

“The course (Module 1 & 2) this weekend we learned a lot of great stuff. One thing that was really helpful was getting a little more information on 3D surgical guides for implant placement and how to use them appropriately with the implant system, how to plan them appropriately and who to turn to for help on planning a case. Dr. Nazarian has been helpful in helping me integrate full-arch dental restorations into my practice in a way that makes sense, and makes it easy and predictable. There are so many steps that go into it that it’s really nice to have Dr. Nazarian explain how he does  it and and help me integrate it into my practice in a way thats also functional and profitable. “

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Alan Kossman, DDS

“Ascend Dental Academy offers high quality, affordable, and enjoyable educational programs. The mini-residency program includes a wide range of topics from introductory review, to more advanced material and modules. The Ascend team is highly organized, lively, and always able to help in any way. Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Ara Nazarian, is a gifted and charismatic teacher who explains the curriculum thoroughly, offers great examples, and is willing to answer any questions. He instills confidence in you to elevate your practice and quality of patient care,which is really what it’s all about.”


Dr. Christopher Hoffpauir 

"I initially wanted to take the Mini-Residency course to earn the CE requirements to get my ICOI Fellowship. However, on taking this course, I was amazed. I was very impressed, as a person who has taken an abundance of implant specific CE, how much I am learning from the instructors. The caliber of the CE that is being offered by the staff and the clinicians that are presenting goes above and beyond. If you could possibly take this course, I would add it to the go-to list."


Dr. Joel Fredenberg

"I just attended the Ascend Academy Implant course for beginners and experienced Implantologists. For both dentists that are learning and who want to improve their implant technique, the course is wonderful. Dr. Nazarian, Dr. Tedders, and the whole Ascend team have been great! They hosted a great event that has been very uplifting and educational. I would highly recommend it with no reservations." 


Dr. Eric Young

"I just attended the Mini-Residency. It has been very informative. the staff was very knowledgeable and helped answer all of my questions. This course helped me on my quest to start placing implants in my own office." 


Dr. William Uthoff

"The course (Chicago Mini-Residency) is very informative for both dentists that place implants and those that do not. I am a new dentist who is very interested in implants and this course was a great course for me. I would definitely recommend it for others!"

Dr. Richard Ray 

"The Chicago course was great. I learned a lot and I feel more confident. You will learn a lot and you'll feel more confident in your abilities. I got to meet a lot of really great people at the course. I would highly recommend."


Dr. Ira Goldman

"I've taken the course in Miami, Florida and everything was great! As usual, I learned quite a bit of new information and interesting techniques that will help me improve my practice. I would recommend this great course!"